The Paco Project

The Paco Project

The Paco Project is the result of many years of expirementation through various styles of music.

It is a project conceived by Paschalis Kakalis a former guitar and bass player from Thessaloniki,Greece. He has been the founding member of several bands in the 90's and 00's and played in many live shows,
all over Greece. He has also played as a session musician for the needs of studio recordings as well as live performances.

For the last few years he has been producing his own music in his home studio and he is promoting it, through live performances and video art projection shows, in various festivals,clubs and stages.
He is also occasionally performing on stage,with some friends playing some physical instruments such as: djouras,didjeridoo,electric guitar,percussion,etc.

The Paco Project has released several tracks in various compilations and EP's with labels such as : Ovnimoon Records,Optem Records,Hyper Vision Records,Space Alchemy Lab,Fantastic 5 Records,Infinity Tunes
and is already expecting some new releases in the near future. 
The Paco Project has performed as a live act and also as a dj in several festivals such as: Selli mountain Gothering 2014 , Alternative rock festival 2013 -2014 , Summer Culture event 2014 , West side inovation Fest #5 , Entheogenic Art & Culture Festival , E.L.F. Project - Second activity , P.L.U.R. Festival 2015 , Multiverse Spiritual Gathering .

The music is a fine blend of :Trance,Psycdelic,Techno,Ambient and Ethnic music,all combined and mixed together,creating a new distinguished sound, with an essence of Rock,Post modern, New wave and some times even classical music .