will take place along the following three villages: Thermo-Kato Dosoula-Kareli on a wide area, which will allow us to move and co-exist comfortably, without the slightest inconvenience.At the same time we will have the chance to explore the secrets of the place that will accommodate us for 10 whole days. It is a wonderful destination, kept far from the mass tourism and ideal spot for naturists.The paths connecting the villages are still accessible and will walk you through treams and breathtaking landscapes. You will love the route around the Lake of Evinos River and the paths in the woods that bring you to the heart of the mountains. Alternative activities such as trekking, rafting and mountain bike or a thrill on four wheels (4X4) are at your disposal here.Literally a heaven on earth located on the  riversides of Evinos River, a place full of trees and wooden bridges leading you to the other side of the river. The crystal clear river waters offer you an ideal refreshing escape. And as for the adventure lovers, you will find a lot to keep you busy, such as numerous hidden beaches along the river, some of them still unexplored, as well as founts with crystal waters.The more you merge yourselves into this area, the more wonderful landscapes you are to find. It’s all up to you! As the sun goes down, feel released by your fears, since the starlight and the warmth of the mountains will keep you protected. 




Visit Thermo: The ancient premises and the city museum. The Trihonida Lake, the largest lake in Greece. The River Evinos.The Environmental Education Centre

ACCESS:  By intercity busses from Athens to Thermo (at Thermo there is a new bus agency near the Piraeus Bank) Timetable: 08.00am - 10.00am - 16.00pm. - By buses from Nafpaktos to Thermo daily (information shortly). -  By the Plur Festival Buses from Athens and Thessaloniki (information shortly)


PLUR Festival® / Greece 2017 by D.P.S Production


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