After - Kick - Developments

A.K.D is a deep progressive trance project , created in 2001 in a small town at the southern desert of Israel. The project is delivering deep atmospheric morning trance , with a very warm and melodic feel to it , that touches the groovy and tender sides of progressive trance.

After releasing two albums , A.K.D have collected almost 10 years of experience that are now being channeled into the production of their 3rd album.

A.K.D has attended major festivals worldwide such as Fusion, Universo Paralello , Aurora and more. For A.K.D , producing music is a way to express that which can't be expressed in words and to connect with people's souls and hearts.

A.K.D's live performance takes the dancefloor into a deep journey full of emotional moments and special vibes created from their deep basslines , groovy rhythms , floating atmosphere and harmonic melodies.